Take the Mystery Out of Microsoft 365

Coaching that will transform your team.

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Adopting Microsoft 365 Should Not Be Hard

but without a collaboration strategy and tried and tested tactics, your team is going to struggle...

    Your file storage is a mess!

    Too many Teams and Channels

   Hybrid working is complicated

    It's hard to on-board new people

     Your teams are working in silos

    You're not sure which apps to use

     You need a plan for your future

From years of experience helping organisations adopt Microsoft 365, I can help your team build a strategy and teach you the tactics that will transform the way you collaborate together.

How we work together

Every engagement has three simple ingredients:

Adoption Plans

Your custom learning plan will be your guide on the journey.

Live Coaching

Your plan will include live webinars and workshops.

On-Demand Courses

In our online school, each lesson covers a single task or idea.

How Do We Get Started?

It's easy...


You schedule a meeting

We book a call together and I can listen to your challenges, and hear how you want to change.


We Make a Plan

Using what you tell me, I'll create a custom Adoption Plan for you and your team.


We Deliver the Plan

Together, we'll set up your team with access to my on-demand courses and schedule the webinars and workshops.

Organisations we work with...

...and what they say about us

"Matt has an amazing ability to explain complex subjects in simple terms. I love the way school lessons are organised. Short videos about specific topics."



Collaboration School Student

"Matt not only manages to explain the essence of the individual topics briefly and in a very understandable way, but he also manages to present them in the big picture. That helps a lot."


Collaboration School Student

"An easily accessible and understandable way to get to grips with Microsoft 365. A joy to use. Thank-you."



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